How to Buy

Nitke offers both On-Site and Timed (Online Only) Auctions. All Nitke Auctions are open to the public, you do not need to be a dealer or own a business.  

On-Site Auctions

You must register at the auction office–make sure to have a valid drivers license, passport, or other photo ID.  If you will be paying with a check you will need a Bank Guarantee Letter.  

Terms: Terms for auctions may be different and are listed in the details on the specific sale and other terms and anouncements are posted at auction site.

No items will be removed from any Auction site until payment terms are met. Removal dates of equipment is auction specific.  Refer to specific auction details for removal information and procedures.

Timed (Online Only) Auctions


How to sign up to bid

-Choose the auction that you want to bid on
-Click view catalog and bid
-Scroll down to the item you want to bid on and click register to bid
-Fill out personal info and complete registration process
-After registration you will be able to bid on any item on the auction (and any other Hansen Auction Group auction), high bid on each items wins 

How do I search for an item in all auctions? 

Make sure that you can see the list of all auctions on our home page. In this view, when you type a search term in the search box, all open auctions will be searched.

Is there a preferred internet browser for using the Hansen Auction Group website?

Our bidding system supports Google Chrome, Safari & Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. Other browsers can work but not as consistently. Usually when bidders switch to one of these browsers, the issues they were experiencing stop.

What is a buyer’s fee (sometimes called an internet buyer’s premium or buyer’s premium)?

That is a percentage added to the final bid. Ex: Final bid is $100 + 10% buyer’s fee = $110 total.

What is a max bid & how do I place a max bid?

Make sure that you click the button that says "SET MAX" when placing a max bid. When a bid is placed that is higher than the next required increment using the "SET MAX" button, the computer will automatically bid for you up to the max bid you placed in the increments specified as other bidders bid. 

Can I remove a bid or a max bid?

A bid that has been placed cannot be removed. However, if there is a max bid that hasn't been placed yet, that can be adjusted by the bidder when they are logged in. It can be removed (to the current placed bid), adjusted or increased.

Why did I get outbid immediately after bidding?

Another bidder has a max bid in place. When you placed your bid, it triggered the system to bid for that person.

What are the bidding increments?

$0-25 is $1

$25-100 is $2

$100-500 is $10

$500-1500 is $25

$1500-5000 is $50

$5000-10,000 is 100

$10,000-30,000 is $250

$30,000-100,000 is $500

$100,000-250,000 is $1000

$250,000+ is $2500


What is auto extend (also called soft close)?

If any bids on a lot are placed within the last 10 minutes, the bidding for that lot will extend for 10 minutes. The lot will continue to extend in 10-minute increments until the bidding has been idle for 10 minutes.

Where do I find my watchlist & how do I add items to it?

You must be logged into a specific auction. Then above the bidding there is a tab called "Your Items". If you click the star button, that item will show in this list. Any items you have bid on will also show in this tab.

I’m Sales tax exempt. Why is there sales tax on the invoice I received?

Once you have reviewed that everything on your invoice is sales tax exempt and a form has been filled out (or it is confirmed there is one on file), the sales tax can be removed from your invoice. You will need to contact us each time to get this done.

WI Tax Exempt Form