About Us

The Annual Wisconsin Contractors Auction has been held every spring and every fall for 52 consecutive years at the Nitke Auction Center in Wausau, WI. Throughout the years we have sold 100's of thousands of pieces of equipment to 10's of thousands of buyers around the world. Nitke Auction Center is Wisconsin’s best and biggest and has always been dedicated to the auction needs of the Heavy Construction and Transportation industries. 

Nitke Auction Center is owned by the Hansen Auciton Group, LLC. And the Hansen name has been setting the standard of excellence in the auction industry.  Hansen Auction Group was formed by consolidating the resources and expertise of several individuals already active in the industry.  We are a full-service auction company from asset recovery, sale preparation to cataloging, marketing, and payment reconciliation.  As much as our company has changed over the years from live auctions to online only auctions which is visible to the outside, our marketing department has advanced as much or more.  The marketing department has a direct correlation to the results of the auction.  Hansen Auction Group customizes a marketing plan for every auction we manage.  It is designed specifically to maximize the exposure of every asset we sell, providing the largest marketplace we can tap. 

Contact us today if you have a question about how to have an auction of your own. We will be glad to present several possibilites as well as make a recommendation as to how to market your assets and maximize value in your timeline.

EXPANDED SERVICES: Hansen Auction Group, LLC now offers the clients at Nitke Auction Center several more options. We can incorporate your assets into the Largest Heavy Equipment and Truck auction in WI or we can facilitate online only auctions throughout the year with the equipment being held at your location throughout the midwest! We also market a lot of real estate, farm equipment, industrial and estate auctions. In addition to the auction service, we also have several certified personal property appraisers on staff to facilitate your appraisal needs as well.