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Upcoming Auctions


August 24th, 2017 • 9:00 am

Online Only Auction Format for this Auction. BIDDING WILL BE OPEN AUG 14 - AUG 24. Surplus Mining and support equipment. Many items will be added to this auction in the next few days. Check back often.

Buyer Fee: 10%. Additional Bidding, Load and pickup Terms will apply and info will be posted soon. All items in this auction may be missing parts and may be partially dismantled.

Professional Auctioneers

Nitke provides professional auction service, qualified yard assistance, and knowledgeable staff and management. Our auctioneers are state champions and Nitke always utilizes state of the art settlement and registration systems. Every auction is always organized and planned to perfection. 

50 Years of 

The Annual Wisconsin Contractors Auction has been held for 50 consecutive years at the Nitke Wausau Auction Center, every spring and every fall. Throughout the years we have sold 100's of thousands of pieces of equipment to 10's of thousands of buyers around the world. Nitke Auctions is Wisconsin’s best and biggest and has always been dedicated to the auction needs of the Heavy Construction and Transportation industries.  Nitke now offers ON Line auctions.

Onsite & Online Bidding

Nitke embraces new technology and gets every bidder to attend with all the latest bidding options: On-line, Simulcast Live Internet Bidding, and traditional On-site Bidding.